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Client Testimonials- In their own words

At OUT TRAVEL VACATIONS we work hard everyday to ensure that our clients have great vacations, and we always appreciate comments and feedback.  Take a look at some of the testimonials we have received!


“…superior customer service.”

"Our company has been dealing with Out Travel Vacations for about 10 years. We travel overseas and throughout the U.S.  I can say that in those 20 years of traveling, we have been very happy with the services of Out Travel Vacations.  Everyone on his team is completely dedicated to providing superior customer service. “

“All of these provisions have been conveniently afforded me by the prompt and professional personnel at Out Travel Vacations (and did I mention friendly??).  They will be eager to serve you just as they have been me, and when you call, you will actually get to real live human on the other end of the phone!”

“I do feel Out Travel Vacations is prepared to treat small companies with the same level of service as large companies. Leck has facilitated our travel needs from a $20M company to now a $1.8B company with over 500 traveling people.”

Eddie Gaske not only arranged for a wonderful and memorable trip, but also incorporated my wife’s handicap needs…No matter what requests we had, Out Travel Vacations staff was always extremely professional in meeting our needs.  Thank you for all the memories in the past and we look forward to new ones in the years to come.”


“They are ALL the utmost in their profession…”

“They are well aware of our personal preferences and go the extra mile to make our personal trips special…I enthusiastically recommend Out Travel Vacations to all my friends.”

 “It just doesn't pay me to spend an hour or more playing on the internet to book travel, and then (without fail) my flights are cancelled, late, re-routed, plans change or whatever. At that point, I have to call multiple airlines, car rentals or hotels and spend hours on hold, talking to less than friendly agents.  With Out Travel Vacations, I make one phone call and everything is changed and taken care of.”

“We would not dream of taking a cruise or other type vacation without the Out Travel Vacations blessing.”


“…continue to exceed our expectations…”

“… we are BIG fans of Out Travel Vacations and his whole team!  Not once have we been disappointed in their level of knowledge, service, and attention to the details of a trip.  After 15 years, we would still say they are the BEST.”

“They have a wealth of experience and no detail is ever too big or small for them to handle.  They are true professionals and I will continue to use them for both business and leisure travel.”

“A human being answers the phone, knowledgeable agents are available and phone calls are returned promptly…Their insightful suggestions that have made my travel experiences more fulfilling.”


“…service and attention to detail is unsurpassed.”

“Thanks for the arrangements for an unforgettable vacation.  As usual, your arrangements services were exceptional and everything perfect.”

“My husband and I were able to enjoy the best vacation we've ever been on, all thanks to Dave and his team.”

“Traveling with two small children is a challenge itself, but his recommendations were perfect and made the trip that much more enjoyable.”

“Whether it’s a cruise to the Caribbean or a week at Disney World, the service is always fantastic. We never had to worry about flights, connecting transportation or our luggage.  It was all taken care of.” 


“If you are not traveling with Eddie, you are traveling without a net!”

"I used to be a "do it yourself" travel planner.  Now I know better. Now I use Eddie to make all my travel plans for business and for family getaways.  The value I've received has been tremendous. Better still, the peace of mind of knowing I have his experience behind me to help anticipate those challenges that used to go along with travel. As a result, I enjoy travel so much more. In closing, if you are not traveling with Eddie, you are traveling without a net!"


“…top notch…they arranged everything…”

 “The services provided by Mr. Gaske and his staff have always been first class in both the timing of their response and the offering of their expertise in ways to improve our vacation experience.”

“I simply told Eddie that I'd like a great vacation that was top notch and we got that and more.  They arranged everything from transportation, hotel rooms, activities, dinner options and packages for our vacation that we didn't even know existed.”

“Although I usually work with one person there, I can assure you that Out Travel Vacations, Eddie and his team are extremely helpful no matter whom you are speaking with at the time.  It is as though everyone there knows who you are and what your needs are.”

“Many times, in the case of a cancelled or severely delayed flight, I will be standing in line with 200 other frustrated flyers and be on the phone with Out Travel Vacations, having my problem taken care of...long before I would be at the front of the line.”


“…refer without reservation…We are so impressed…”

"Our family keeps a short list of companies whom we would refer without reservation, and Leck Travel is definitely at the top of that list.   Leck Travel has planned several vacations for our family over the years.  We are so impressed by their attention to detail and knowledge of the business. They keep high standards that do not disappoint.  We will only travel with the help of Eddie and his team of friendly and qualified employees."


“You will not be disappointed, I assure you.”


"I'd like to click all of the attributes as they can all be said about Eddie and the service he provides. I woke up one morning and decided I needed to take a trip. I had no destination in mind. I emailed him and said I want to go somewhere warm, here's how much I have to spend - where can I go?  He responded that morning with three alternatives, each one within my budget ,and each one he had personal knowledge of and could provide valuable secret insights to. It only took me moments to decide after hearing him describe the different vacations and all they had to offer. It didn't stop there. He delivered all my paperwork in person and offered extra services (like a hotel near the airport which included parking fees) and explained all the details. When it came time for my questions, I had none as she had anticipated all my needs and came prepared with the answers. The trip was sensational, and the continued communication from Eddie and her personal touch were much appreciated. From now on all my trips will be planned with Eddie's guidance and expertise! 


"Eddie planned our spring break vacation to Costa Rica. Throughout the planning process, he was articulate and professional, courteous and very tuned in to our preferences and likes/dislikes. Our vacation was WONDERFUL and lovely in its diversity, and I thank Eddie for him suggestions and going "above and beyond" our expectations. Also, I would endorse his expertise for families with teenagers planning vacations, especially to the rain forests. Our sixteen-year old "youngest child" also enjoyed the variety of locations and activities that were planned. Thank you, Eddie."

E.J. in Fort Mill, S.C

"Eddie has arranged numerous trips for my husband and me. We have never had a recommendation we didn't like, cancelled flight, lost bag, or other complication. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. We recommend him."

Sandy A, Akron Ohio


"Eddie has been our travel agent for 15 years. Leaving no detail unturned Eddie takes all the stress away from planning a vacation. From answering questions you may not know to ask, showing you how to pack a suitcase, providing checklists, documents and itineraries needed for your destination, Eddie provides you with all the necessities needed to make your trip worry free. He helps your trip to not feel "planned" so much as giving you options and ideas for a wonderful time. He'll even tell you the best spots to eat and shop. Eddie works closely with your budget so that no matter how much or how little you have to spend; he will make it a first class adventure that meets you and your family's needs. A consummate and friendly professional, I would recommend Eddie without hesitation for all of your travel needs."